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Based in Latvia, Financial Modeling World Cup organizes a series of monthly competitions in financial modeling and Microsoft Excel. The Financial Modeling World Cup was founded in 2020 by Andrew Grigolyunovich, CFA, MFM. 

With a background in financial modeling, Andrew was a very keen player in ModelOff competitions, making it to the finals twice in 2016 and 2017, ranking as high as 5th in the world in 2017. He liked the competition a lot but had lots of ideas how to make it better. So in 2020 when ModelOff was discontinued Andrew saw the opportunity and founded the Financial Modeling World Cup. 

Initially, Andrew’s idea was to create a series of real-life financial modeling cases to help people get better prepared for financial modeling exams. The competition component was added to encourage the most experienced modelers and the learning component was added to help aspiring financial modelers improve their skills. 

Financial Modeling World Cup has 3 main goals:


Help people improve their financial modeling skills – M&A, Valuations, Corporate Finance, etc.


Train them for the financial modeling certification exams.


Promote healthy competition and find out the specialists in this industry.

In the beginning, the Financial Modeling World Cup was building on top of ModelOff’s concept, but with several improvements – monthly vs. annual challenges, solution models provided transparent rankings, etc. This was a good start, however, Andrew always wanted to make this event more spectator-friendly and attract viewers, not just players. The team started to experiment with ideas and the Excel Esports format gradually evolved:

  • Initially these were just stage recaps: FMWC 2021 – Stage 1 Review – YouTube
  • Then we created a couple of 2-player battles (through Zoom): FMWC Battle – Diarmuid vs Joseph – YouTube. This was still about solving finance-related cases and the production quality was far from what you see now.
  • Then we improved the production quality and it evolved into “The 888 Battle” FMWC 8 Player Battle – June 8, 2021 – YouTube. This was probably the starting point for the Excel esports format as you know it – thanks to media coverage we got 100k views in the first 24 hours. The battle took place on June 8, 2021. Probably this could be considered the birthday of Excel esports.

And then things evolved quickly:

  • More battles in 2021 helped us fine-tune the format (see Wikipedia “Other Events” section).
  • ESPN got interested and in December 2021 we were streaming our grand tournament “FMWC Open 2021” (which is now called “Microsoft Excel World Championship”) on ESPN3. Again, got lots of media coverage and hundreds of thousands of views.
  • The All-Star Battle in 2022 was shown on ESPN2 on August 5, 2022, within “the Ocho day”. The news went viral, and lots of media were writing about Excel being shown on the main sports channel. ESPN even made 2 re-airs of the battle in prime time as initially they were showing us at 4 am.
  • Microsoft liked the format very much and agreed to let us use the name Microsoft Excel in the name of our competition starting in 2022. So now the tournament is officially called the “Microsoft Excel World Championship”.
  • In 2023, for the first time there was a live event taking place in Las Vegas. The Microsoft Excel World Championship Finals took place in the HyperX Esports Arena, attracting hundreds of people in person and millions of viewers online. 
  • In 2024 we are looking forward to organizing our second in-person event in Las Vegas and would like to see you among the participants! 😊

There’s no better platform for number crunchers to sharpen their financial modeling and Microsoft Excel skills or to compete with others to win exciting prizes.

Note: This competition is open to all participants irrespective of age, race, gender, country of origin, or any other factor. Participants are divided into groups based on their age: U-25 and Open. 


Microsoft Excel World Championship

Financial Modeling World Cup

Microsoft Excel Collegiate Challenge

Participants solve unusual game tasks in Microsoft Excel. No finance, just Microsoft Excel and logical thinking skills. Use IFS, XLOOKUP, SUM, VBA, Power Query: anything is allowed, and the strategy is up to you. Top players of each battle and Season are invited for in-personal finals in Las Vegas!

With 8 stages during the year, you have the opportunity to advance your financial skills by solving real-life case studies and building financial models. Compete for a $25,000 prize fund, advance in the rankings, and get to meet an awesome community of finance professionals. 

If you’re still a student, there’s a competition for you and it’s completely FREE. Take home a $30,000 prize fund, improve your Excel skills, gain recognition from top companies around the world, and get a chance to meet young professionals just like you at in-person finals in Las Vegas, USA. 

The Active Cell Training Camp

FMWC for Business

Corporate Tournaments

Boost your career by mastering Microsoft Excel and financial modeling in Las Vegas. Learn from the World Champions and Microsoft Excel MVPs. Network with industry leaders. Get unique industry insights. Watch the finals of the Microsoft Excel World Championship. Build up your resume.

If you’re looking for the world’s top talent in finance for your company, look here. What do we offer? FMWC Consulting from the best analysts in the world. Financial Assessment Tests for potential employees. Financial Training with world-class trainers. Get to work with the top talent in the industry.

We organize individually tailored financial modeling and Microsoft Excel tournaments for corporate organizations. If you’re interested in having one at your corporation, reach out to us at info@fmworldcup.com


Andrew Grigolyunovich

CEO, Founder

Emīls Saulītis


Katrīna Anevica

Marketing Manager

Renat Stanko

Business Development Manager

Toomas O'Brock

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Lauma Ose

MECC Marketing Manager

Shihan Maheen Seenath

Graphic Designer

Ny Tsiory Rakotonanahary

Project Manager

Kiraën Andriamandimbisoa

Project Manager




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