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Financial modeling is what we do, and we know what it takes to be successful in finance.
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Sometimes, an interview is just not enough to understand if a potential employee has what it takes to develop complex financial models that will be used for corporate decision-making. We are here to help you find the financial analysts and CFOs that possess the required level of financial expertise and proficiency.

We have tested the knowledge and skillsets of more than 300 financial modelers

FMWC cooperates with companies to assess candidates’ financial proficiency and help hire the best employee for a specific position. Usually, we provide tests, case-studies, and sometimes do interviews to review the financial knowledge background and literacy of a candidate.

Our clients value the full report of a candidate, outlaying the following:

Microsoft Excel Proficiency
Financial Modeling Standards and Techniques
Speed of Work
Theoretical Knowledge
Application of Financial Modleing & Decision-Making Mechanisms
Financial Control and Audit
Performance Compared to Other Candidates
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