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South African Excel Championship

An Excel-lent challenge for All

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If you ...

want to learn more about Excel enjoy a good Excel puzzle like using Excel are an Excel pro

Then this competition is for you!

A Chance to Prove Your Excel Mastery
…Or Just Learn Some More Excel

You will be given instructions, rules for the game and questions to answer at an increasing level of difficulty. Each game – 30 minutes. Use IFS, XLOOKUP, SUM, VBA, Power Query: anything is allowed, and the strategy is up to you. The right answers move you up the brackets!

What can I expect?

Some frequently asked questions that may help you get a better understanding of what this competition is actually about.
Q: "What are the prizes to be won in this competition?"
A: 1st place gets the R30,000 prize, 2nd place gets the R10,000 prize, and 3rd and 4th place gets R5,000.
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Q: "What shirt size does Bill Gates wear?"
A: An Excel.
Q: "How will the competition work exactly?"
When you have entered, you will gain access to the 1st and 2nd qualification round, where you will solve Excel problems and be given a score. If you are part of the top 16 at the end of the qualification rounds, you are invited to the final round.
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Q: Where do you get a drink on Excel?
A: The Formula Bar
Q: "What can I do to prepare for this competition?"
There are many different Excel cases that you can purchase below. These are previous problems from the Microsoft Excel World Championship (MEWC).
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What Will I Be Solving?

The game tasks will be testing your Excel and logical thinking skills. No previous knowledge in finance, engineering, data analytics or any other industry is necessary.

When? How?

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After all, learning Excel should be fun

You'll see that in the South African Excel Championship

Can I See The Competition Rules?

Can I See The Competition Rules?

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