Excel Esports for All

If you... , this is for you.

A Chance to Prove Your Excel Mastery
…Or Just Learn Some More Excel

You will be given instructions, rules for the game and questions to answer at an increasing level of difficulty. Each game – 30 minutes. Use IFS, XLOOKUP, SUM, VBA, Power Query: anything is allowed, and the strategy is up to you. The right answers move you up the brackets!

How Do I Know It's Any Good?

What Will I Be Solving?

The game tasks will be testing your Excel and logical thinking skills. No previous knowledge in finance, engineering, data analytics or any other industry is necessary.

When? How?

Timeline of Events

Can I See The Competition Rules?

Enter the Competition

After all, learning Excel should be fun

You'll see that in the FMWC Open

Take a look at the last year's event:

Viewed by 500K+ people

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Y'all watch college football on Saturdays, I scout IB analyst prospects at the Excel World Cup, we are not the same
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FMWC World Cup grand final scenario is described as a "Heroes of Might and Magic simulator," pitting two fictional armies against each Excel spreadsheets.
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If you are looking forward to the Gran Prix motor racing tomorrow, just remember that F1 is just a cell reference.
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This was the best tournament I've ever watched
BenSil #GoAvsGo
BenSil #GoAvsGo@mDot2_37
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valorant's washed, rocket league is old af, you haven't seen esports until you've watched the Excel World Championships. Bill Jelen bring it home for NA
Alice Bodemyr-Dunaway
Alice Bodemyr-Dunaway@alicedunaway
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Hello, yes, I am definitely watching the #FMWC today. This is my Olympics.
@Tim Magic Sevenhuysen
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This event is truly Excel-lent
@Too Many Bytes
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This is the BEST ESPORTS in the WORLD hype hype
@Calvin Arterberrry
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It's like watching an intense game of speed chess and a math competition combined

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