Excel shortcuts

In order to be fast in Excel, it is important to know your way around it and shortcuts are a big help in that. We have collected some of the Excel shortcuts for navigation, formatting, viewing and working.

What other shortcuts do you know and use often? We are interested to know – share yours in the comments!


Select an entire column

Select an entire row

Extend the cell selection

to the side

Select all cells from

the current cell down/

up/to the right or left

Jump to the last cell in the 

current column/row


Apply date formatting

Place borders around

the selected cells

Format cell contents 

Hide a row

Hide a column


Insert the current date

Create a table

Insert a hyperlink

Fill the selected cell with the

content of the cell right above

Insert a new column/row

if an entire column/row 

is selected


Zoom in or out 

the workbook

Open workbook print preview

Open a new workbook

Expand or collapse the ribbon

Change the view from displaying

cell values to formulas

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