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Next Stage: March 8-11
Two Sessions - March 8-9 & March 10-11
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$25,000 Prize Fund
Cash prizes for top participants after each Stage. Grand prize at the end of the Season.
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Improve your financial modeling skills. Learn M&A, Valuations, CorpFin and other aspects of financial modeling. We will provide sample solutions to the World Cup cases after each stage.


Some of the World Cup cases will cover body of knowledge of different designations. Take part in the World Cup to train for AFM, CFM or other exams under time-pressure!


Transparent World Rankings for various age groups and regions. Become the World's #1 financial modeler! Challenge yourself and compete for the $25,000 prize fund.

What is FMWC?

Financial Modeling World Cup is the leading financial modeling competition for everyone interested in finance. Participants solve real-life case studies by building financial models in Microsoft Excel.

$25,000 Prize Fund

$25,000 Prize Fund

Compete and Claim Your Share

The prize fund is split among various categories – worldwide, regional leaders, age group winners, etc. Regardless of the specific categories chosen, the goal of dividing a prize fund is to ensure that everyone who deserves recognition and reward has a fair chance to receive it.

Transparent Ratings

Promoting Trust and Accountability

Transparent Ratings

Benchmark your skills against other finance experts in the world. Ultimately, the best way to benchmark the skills of a finance expert is through their track record of success in their respective field. This may include achievements such as accurate predictions, successful investment decisions, or effective financial management strategies.

Young Talent

The Next Generation of Financial Modelers

Special recognition to those in their early career steps – dedicated U25 age group. Recognizing and supporting the U25 age group is essential for building a strong and diverse workforce, and for ensuring that the next generation of leaders has the skills and experience needed to navigate an ever-changing and complex world.

Regional Competitions

Fostering Talent and Promoting Growth

Regional Competitions

Ultimately, becoming the first financial modeler in your country and region requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to continuously learn and adapt to new challenges. But with the right mindset and resources, it is an achievable goal that can open up a world of opportunities and contribute to the growth and development of your community.

Advance Your Skills

Unlock Your Potential and Achieve Your Goals

Additionally, providing complete case study solution models after each stage can help to reinforce key concepts and principles. By seeing the application of these concepts in a real-world scenario, learners can gain a deeper understanding of how they work and how they can be applied in different contexts.

Flexible Testing Times

Tailoring the Needs of Diverse Participants

Flexible Testing Times

Two sessions – Friday to Saturday & Sunday to Monday. By providing two testing sessions and allowing individuals to join at any time, this flexible testing schedule can help participants to better manage their time and prioritize their commitments. See the upcoming stage session split here

Training Opportunities

Use Multiple Study Techniques

Are you preparing for the AFM and CFM exams? By taking advantage of these training opportunities, you can increase your chances of passing the AFM and CFM exams and demonstrate your expertise in facilities management and maintenance.

Case Design Team

Unlimited case bundles

Our case studies are carefully prepared by finance professionals from different industries, who invested significant resources into ensuring their quality and relevance. Which provides a comprehensive understanding of finance that is applicable across various sectors.

What our participants say?

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Upcoming FMWC

Stage 5

July 19-22


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Pay per Stage

U-25 and Open age group tickets for each financial modeling stage (online)
$ 15-25
  • Entry ticket to 1 stage
  • Access to 3 case studies and answer files
  • $25,000 prize fund​

Seasonal Pass

U-25 and Open age group Seasonal Pass (for REMAINING stages in 2024)
$ 49-75
  • Entry ticket to all remaining stages in 2024
  • Access to all remaining case studies and answer files
  • $25,000 prize fund

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