Driving Vision with Action: Order.co Steps Up as Sponsor to Power FMWC Events!

Today, we are proud to unveil a partnership between Order.co, a leader in procurement-to-payment solutions, and FMWC. This strategic alliance promises a mutually beneficial partnership providing added value to the organization, FMWC events, and participants.

An integral part of our vision at FMWC is to create a community of like-minded people in financial modeling and Microsoft Excel that share the latest industry trends and valuable knowledge. This partnership will allow FMWC to reach new audiences and businesses who use Order.co, while offering the community access to best practices and insights around streamlined procurement and payment processes.

Founder & CEO of FMWC, Andrew Grigolyunovich: “We are happy to start the partnership with Order.co and I really hope it will last for years. We were amazed to see how excited they are about our Excel esports and financial modeling competitions. The players will love the new initiatives and events suggested by Zach and Eric. I was also amazed by their business model, and I see that this could make a basis for a very good financial modeling case one day.”

The benefits for our contestants aren’t just confined to a frictionless competition experience—they’re poised to be part of an Order.co case study, where they will witness first-hand how Order.co’s procurement solution saves businesses time and money. A great opportunity to get pragmatic insights that complement financial modeling knowledge!

CEO of Order.co, Zach Garippa: “The opportunity to partner with FMWC truly excites us. I first got hooked as a viewer last summer because Excel’s enthusiasm was contagious. I was hoping the company could get more involved, especially after having the opportunity to meet Andrew and Max and learn more about their vision for FMWC. We are thrilled to participate in a number of upcoming events and join the vibrant FMWC community.

As we move forward, we are planning to add more exciting features not only to the financial modeling competitions but also to the Excel Esports Season Battles and The Active Cell Training Camp. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership and the innovative changes it will bring to FMWC competitions and beyond!

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