Forest Investment

FMWC Exhibition Round (September 14, 2020) “Forest Investment”


This case study was created before the launch of the Financial Modeling World Cup regular competition. It was used to showcase the competition format in an Exhibition Battle between Dan Mayoh and Dmitrijs Lukasevics. The case study is about an investment fund that invests primarily in forest-rich land in Nordic countries. Over time, the forests grow, thus, increasing the value of the fund’s underlying assets. A fraction of trees are cut down each year to finance the fund’s operating expenses.

To solve the model, you will have to forecast cash flow projections. There are 15 questions worth 300 points in total. The case is designed to be solved in 20 minutes.

The downloadable file consists of the following:
Task: PDF file with Case Materials; Excel file with Case Assumptions; PDF file with Questions
Solution: Excel file with full Solution Model; PDF file with correct Answers in Bold

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