MEWC 2024

Microsoft Excel World Championship Ticket 2024


NB! This is a ticket for the 2024 competition. The exact dates, format and rules will be published on the event page once the 2023 season ends.

Microsoft Excel World Championship is an Excel Esports tournament that welcomes any Excel user with or without prior experience and a specific skillset. Everyone can try their hand & compete for prize money and global recognition. Everyone receives access to ALL game tasks from the competition.

The participants advance through the brackets as they score points solving MS Excel-based game tasks. You will be given instructions, rules for the game, and questions to answer at an increasing level of difficulty. Use IFS, XLOOKUP, SUM, VBA, Power Query: anything is allowed, and the strategy is up to you. To solve these tasks, you will not need any specific knowledge of finance, engineering, statistics, or other scientific disciplines.

The person who shows the greatest Excel mastery level will become the champion of the tournament.

Microsoft Excel World Championship is a standalone competition that does not impact the Financial Modeling World Cup regular stage rankings.

The purchase of this ticket will give you entry to participate in the Microsoft Excel World Championship 2024, as well as free access to ALL game tasks that will be solved during this competition.

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