South African Excel Championship – Stage 1 – July 30


The South African Excel Championship hopes to attract problem-solvers who have a knack for using Excel to analyze data. South African students and professionals can showcase their skills in problem-solving tasks that involves working with complex data sets to solve logical puzzles. The event will encompass three exciting rounds as contestants solve complex problems using their knowledge of Excel functions and applying problem-solving techniques. The competition provides individuals from all walks of life a chance to meet like-minded individuals and celebrate the power of Excel in turning data into useful insights.


Qualification Round 1:  30 July 2024
Qualification: Round 2:  6 August 2024
Finals: 31 August 2024

Prizes up for grabs:
Fourth place: R5 000
Third place: R5 000
Second place: R10 000
First place: R30 000