SoftwareOne Powers the Future of Finance and Excel Esports with FMWC Sponsorship

SoftwareOne, a leading technology services provider, has announced a strategic sponsorship deal with the Financial Modeling World Cup (FMWC). This collaboration will not only fuel the growth of the financial modeling community but also bring about an exciting new era in the world of Excel Esports.

The FMWC has been making waves in the financial modeling and Excel gaming community with its thrilling competitions, such as the Financial Modeling World Cup, Microsoft Excel World Championship, Microsoft Excel Collegiate Challenge, and the Excel Conference “The Active Cell”. These events challenge participants to solve real-life case studies and unusual game tasks using Excel, honing their logical thinking and financial modeling skills.

SoftwareOne’s sponsorship comes at a critical time when the demand for financial modeling expertise and innovative technology solutions has reached an all-time high. The company’s unparalleled knowledge in software and cloud services, implementation, and support will empower FMWC participants to excel in their financial modeling skills and expand the reach of Excel gaming.

“We’re thrilled to partner with SoftwareOne, an organization that shares our passion for innovation and the transformative power of technology” said Andrew Grigolyunovich, Founder & CEO of FMWC. “This sponsorship will help us further our mission to provide a unique platform for financial modeling enthusiasts and Excel gamers to showcase their skills, learn from the best, and compete on a global stage.”

The synergy between FMWC and SoftwareOne is evident, as both organizations aim to drive success through technology and people.

As part of this sponsorship deal, SoftwareOne will provide industry insights, and strategic guidance to FMWC, taking Excel Esports and financial modeling competitions to the next level. This partnership will not only benefit the contestants but also create a more engaging and enjoyable experience for the spectators tuning in to the live-streamed events on FMWC’s YouTube channel.

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