FMWC format states that each stage is held from Friday 00:01 AM London Time till Monday 11:59 PM London Time. These 4 days are split into 2 sessions – the first 2 days and the last 2 days. Participants who after the previous Stage are ranked Top 30 in the world, Top 5 in each age group or Top 5 in each region, will have to complete the Stage during the first 2 days (e.g., Jan 26-27 for January Stage). All other participants will have to complete the Stage during the last 2 days (e.g., Jan 28-29 for January Stage).

Here is the Session Split for the upcoming Stage (participants are listed in alphabetical order):

Stage 3 (April 19-21)

April 19-20
Alwyn Birkholtz
Andre van Staden
Andrew Ngai
Anup Agarwal
Ben deLeon
Cameron Fraser
Christian Hueber
Colin Sheehe
Dan Mayoh
Diarmuid Early
Erick Escalante
Gareth Watson
Giorgi Matcharashvili
Harry Gross
Ivan Rico
Jack Franken
Jacob Labkovski
Jason Webber
John Lim
Jorge Ivan Ayala Rojas
Joseph Michael Palisoc
Joshua Bruce
Lachlan Rodwell
Laurence Lau
Lianna Gerrish
Matthew Fried
Michael Clarke
Michael Jarman
Min Chen
Nick Boberg
Nick Lowman
Oliver Redfern
Patrick Chatain
Paul Dent
Peter Scharl
Reece Adams
Ricardo Domínguez
Samir Asadov
Sergio Trifiletti
Steve Schulz
Stevenson Yu
Willem Gerritsen
April 21-22
All others (including new participants)