Laurence Lau

Laurence is the founder of The Golden Company, which provides data analytics and management consulting services. His publicly traded clients have outperformed the stock market 3-to-1.

Laurence developed his analytical skills as a Wall Street quant and his consulting skills at Strategy&. His experience includes C-level strategic advisory for multinational organizations across industries and functions, including (but not limited to) corporate strategy, Private Equity value creation, supply chain optimization, and pricing strategy.

Laurence is the 2022 and 2023 Financial Modeling World Cup champion and is the only competitor to ever finish a season with a perfect score. His April 2023 interview with WBZ NewsRadio has accumulated over 1,000,000+ views and 50,000+ engagements (likes/comments/shares) to date, across three different social media platforms.

He has an MBA from MIT, which was funded from his winnings as a professional gambler – he built Excel models to predict the outcomes of events such as political elections and box-office results. He then used those models to trade binary options on the Intrade prediction market. As a former professional gambler, he is no stranger to Vegas and is looking forward to visiting the Heart Attack Grill and the Sphere. Originally from New York City, he is a CFA Charterholder based in Boston.

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