Michael Clarke

Michael is an actuary based in Wellington working for ACC, New Zealand’s accident compensation scheme. His role is to manage the actuarial pricing team that recommends the levies to the Government for New Zealanders to pay for the scheme. Previously he worked as a consulting actuary at PwC and Taylor Fry with a focus on advanced analytics.

Michael is a 5x finalist of the now-discontinued ModelOff financial modeling world championships with a third-place finish in 2014 and two further fourth-place finishes. He is in Las Vegas after qualifying in the top 8 of the Microsoft Excel World Championship for the second consecutive year.

Work Speed 10x Up with tips from Top World MS Excel Modeler

DEC 7 | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Understanding and working with text and dates in Excel is a key part of any user’s toolkit whether it be in financial modeling, working with data, or even creating simple tables and lists. While knowing shortcuts have a bit of a learning curve but they can be the difference between going home at 5 PM instead of 10 PM.

This masterclass will cover tips and tricks in all three areas followed by working through some case studies to bring the knowledge all together.